Parnassos - Giona - Vardoussia

Year: 2010 ISBN: 978-960-9412-056 Author: P. Matsouka
Price: 18.00 €

For a mountain climber, the view from the top is the prize at the end of a strenuous climb. This book takes the next step. It lays before the reader amazing vistas, provides the keys for a new understanding of geography and terrain, and a view of the incredible diversity and beauty of the mountains of Roumeli.
The three great Roumeli mountains have many elements in common and many peculiarities. Parnassos, the mountain of light, myth and mystery, was home to the most important religious and political centre of antiquity: Delphi. The Giona range, a solid mass that is difficult to climb, has a huge cliff looking to the west made of hard limestone, while Vardoussia, multifaceted and complex, is full of changes and visual surprises and its terrain looks like a sculpture in stone.