The Birth of Meteora

Έτος έκδοσης: 2013 ISBN: 978-960-93-4753-2 Συγγραφέας: A. Ewing Rassios PhD, Dina Ghikas MSc, Anna Batsi MSc
Τιμή: 12.00 €

Τhe Birth of Meteora
 From Pangaea to the towering rock spires that are Meteora today: how did geologic history create a site that so inspired the Byzantines that they created a sanctuary “Halfway to Heaven?”
This small book traces 700 million years of evolution of the rock spires of Meteora. From the small stones born in a time before Europe existed to the mountain building of the prehistoric Alps of Greece, the rocks that are the foundation of Meteora survived floods, glaciers, and the movements of tectonic plates.
An environmental and spiritual refuge from the 21st century, Meteora is also one of the unique geologic wonders of the world.



The Authors: Annie Rassios, Dina Ghikas, and Anna Batsi share more than fifty years of scientific exploration of the wonders of Greek geology. Proceeds from sales of this book will be used to fund a scholarship for geology students to allow them to spend time in the field: please help support our “More than a Rock” scholarship.